Nigeria is Safe and has a lot of Beautiful Attractions to offer tourist- Bolaji Seun

Nigeria is Safe and has a lot of Beautiful Attractions to offer tourist- Bolaji Seun

In this interview Naija Trip had a chat with a young enthusiastic and intelligent tourist who has visited several States in Nigeria as he shares his exciting adventures around Nigeria with the world. Bolaji Seun says Nigeria is Safe to Travel around.

Find out more about Bolaji Seun in this exciting interview.

Bolaji Seun

  NT: What is your name?

BS: My name is Bolaji Seun, I am a tourist

 NT: When did you start travelling and how many places have you being to?

 BS: : I started travelling  since 2013 and I have been to many places

 NT:  Which of your trip is most memorable and can you share your experience with us?

BS:  The Most memorable trip is the Obudu Mountain Resort. It is a nice and great place to be. I have great experience about the place.  The people there are friendly and lovely, there are great attractive mountains and waterfalls and so on there

 NT: Do you travel alone or do you travel with organised group tours

Bolaji Seun at the Obudu Mountain Resort Calabar

 BS:  Sometime I do travel alone. I enjoyed travelling alone because am more comfortable and free. I sometimes do travel with my fellow tourist group.

NT: Nigeria is  considered to be a security risk country, do you agree with such school of taught ? What’s your opinion about security in Nigeria for anyone who wants to go on a tour or vacation both inbound and Outbound?

  •   BS: That is the opinions of some people outside Nigeria. This is due to the negative Media information.  “Nigeria is really safe and its a peaceful place to live in and I  have brought many foreigners here without any problems and they go back to tell their friends how safe Nigeria is”. Nigeria is not the way some people perceive it to be. The only place that was affected was the North East during the Boko Haram insurgence. But it is safe now as the  government has being able to restore peace.

Bolaji with group Tourism Comet Club at Obudu Mountain Resort Cross River State

NT: Do you have a favourite tourist site you will love to visit over and over again. How will you sell that tourist site to convenience someone to come.

BS:  Ha ha I have lots of favourite sites in Nigeria and I would love to visit them again and again, but                   my favourite site is the IDANRE HILLS which is the magical hills. I will really convince someone to come there because of the attractive hills. My pictures alone will convince anyone.

The ones  I snapped there when I posted it on my Facebook page, my friends were asking me Bolaji where is this, is this Nigeria?   Please take me there. And so on ha ha!

@IDANRE HILLS. Ekiti State

NT:   Can you tell us some of the challenges you have encountered  during your trips around             Nigeria and any peculiar observations?

BS:  Some of the challenges I encountered during my great exploit around Nigeria is the           transportation system and the distance and stress, interestingly they are all part of the package and fun..  While tourist sites are not functioning well. It is a quite a challenge.

NT:  Have you attended any Festival in Nigeria?  If yes which one and can you Share your                                      experience with us?

Osu- Oshogbo Festival


BS:  The Osun Osogbo is a very nice and attractive festival in Nigeria which attract a lot of people around the world and it is a great pleasures to be there, I met with different people from different Countries when I last attended.

NT: All through your travels around Nigeria can you tell us  about the Hospitality. Are people receptive or cold towards Visitors?

         BS: All through my trips around Nigeria, the people I met are nice and lovely, Cross River people are lovely. There is an elderly man I met at the Obudu Mountain Resort when my friend and I interviewed him, he was a very pleasant elderly man, he offer us drinks and I snapped pics with him.

NT: Do you think that the tourism sector can provide that alternative source of revenue and create jobs  that many Nigerians so desire and how can we achieve that?          

BS: Yes of course, look at other Africa Countries like Morocco, Tunisia, Tanzania, Kenya, Republic of Seychelles in East Africa, and South Africa to say the least, these Countries are generating  income through tourism and they know the importance of tourism because tourism is a multidisciplinary with many industries and disciplines coming together to contribute to and benefiting from it. This has helped to develop their Country and they have really focused on tourism. Nigeria can also generate great  income through tourism if the Federal government can re-brand, package and market some of  these tourist attractions.

Tourism can generate  employment for youths. The government have a great role to play by                         creating the enabling environment for the industry to thrive. Basic infrastructures such as                          good and accessible road to the sites, constant energy

@Drill Ranch Calabar

@Obudu Mountain Resort With Friends

which will help to reduce the high cost of                  hotels and a well organised transport system. We need good Policies to be implemented to drive the industry and allow Public and private partnership work. Let government support and encourage private Sector participation. With this lots of Jobs will be created as People are trained to enhance their skills to take care of the tourists


  NT: Will you like to briefly share your experience so we can appreciate Nigerian Culture and             tourism

BS:   Knowing about other people’s culture is the best thing that has ever happened in my travel                           experience and I respect and valued people’s culture because  our cultures defines where we come from.

@Ikogosi Warm Spring Ekiti State

@Ikogosi Entrance Gate

    1.  My travel experience around Nigeria has been great and awesome it has given me the opportunity to know and discover more about the people, Culture, lifestyle and also discover some unknown tourist sites which I really know and love during the course of my travelling adventures around Nigeria. I want you to actually appreciate what God has given us here in Nigeria.  It is the free gift of God.  I would love you to visit some tourist attractions  and you will appreciate God the more for blessing Nigeria with such beautiful places and friendly people.

@OLUMO ROCK Abeokuta Ogun State

Bolaji Riding on a horse ready to have Fun

NT: Finally Bolaji Seun what is Nigeria’s biggest selling point as a nation, can we have your                                  opinion

BS: Nigeria’s biggest selling points are numerous because we are endowed with several gifts by nature and our unity is a great strength. Our diverse Culture and history,  natural

KWA FALLS in Cross River State. Nigeria

Canopy Walk Calabar

tourist attractions, Slave Trade Routes and history,  Festivals, long stretched Sandy beaches along our Coastal lines and  God has Blessed us with all year round Sunshine, its every Tourist


delight. SO COME TO NIGERIA  Tourism brings us together globally as inhabitants of this planet earth. Tourism is live.

Embrace it.






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    Wow! What an experience on this great work with Bolaji Seun, Amazing trips, truely Nigeria is an amazing country! Nice one Bolaji, Nice one Naija trip travel.

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    Bolaji Seun well done. You are a worthy Ambassador. A true tourist. Its a very enlightening interview. Great job. You are indeed going places. Diligence pays.

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    Nigeria is a place to be. I love the Idanre Hills, the site is amazing

  4. Mrtourism14
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    This exquisite interview is enough to convince the world that Nigeria is also there when it comes to global high catching tourist destinations.
    I so much appreciate the expression and the analysis that commensurate our culture and beautification as an African.
    Black is our pride.
    Tourism is our LIFE….

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    Bolaji Seun is a true son of the soil, i love you, son of Love

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    Nice one Bolaji keep the good work active.
    Jah bless

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    Traveling with Bolaji is fun, great interview, let’s explore more of the beauty of this nation.

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