GabbyMadeit Straight Out Of  Africa  (The Bespoke Guy)

GabbyMadeit Straight Out Of Africa (The Bespoke Guy)


Fashion design in Nigeria has come way back; it has experienced tremendous transformation over the year which has given aspiring fashion designers the Platform to follow their passion. One of such is Shonowo Gabriel Abiodun a self made designer, his natural flare for fashion and unique sense of style is leading him to great heights.

Our chat with him reveals that he could be the next fashion label to rule the runway. Enjoy the interview with GabbyMadeit (GMi).

 NT- Tell us about yourself?

GMi– My name is Shonowo Gabriel Abiodun K. also known as GabbyMadeIt as a brand name. I have a Diploma and Bachelor of Science (Bsc) in Communication And Media Studies. I’m from Ogun state and the founder of Kowope Fashion and Event Outfit.

NT– When did you get into the Fashion Industry since it’s different from what you read in school?

GMi– Well I have always been a fashion lover from my teenage days, even in the University I make branded wears for Associations in different department. So far I’m not surprised I’m here.

We went to school to gain balance and acquire knowledge; only the smart ones infuse this knowledge into their talent and passion. It just shows that I’m not an ordinary Tailor on the Street.

NT– What does Kowope mean and tell us about your label and area of speciality?

GMi– The word *Kowope* is a Yoruba language, it means money must be complete. In every creativity and hard work we put in our craft, money must be complete.

The Company is also known as GabbyMadeIt which is the brand under KowopeHouse. We specialise on Bespoke Suits / Natives / Casuals *All tailored with honour and smiles.

NT- who are your target Clients?

GMi– Funny enough all age groups who love looking good, but the young adult are more into us (then we focus more on Groom/grooms men bespoke suit so they can look fabulous on their special day.

NT-How do you get your inspiration to design your out fit?

GMi– More research on trends and deep thinking, putting one or two together to achieve sweet result as a creative individual, when you imagine it, put it to work and see what comes out.

NT– Wedding outfits: how is the Response from your Clients they seem to be proud to wear your Label instead of other International labels how did you do it?

GMi– Wow it’s been God, we export out bespoke suit to USA, Canada, Texas, UK and Benin Republic. I must say the feedbacks have been awesome. We even have the GabbyMadeIt props that our clients hold to take picture to show that it’s out craft.

We lost count on our bespoke suits last year for weddings and this year the bookings are booming. Hallelujah!

NT– Definitely there are some challenges, Will you like to share some of them with us?

GMi- some of our clients send professional photographed designs to us e.g. Suit or native wear; we can get the shade and make them once they see it, it’s like you did not get the colour and that’s due to the fact that it’s an edited picture you sent to us, this is the reality.

We go on and on like that, later they say I like it, it’s cool, and they thank us, while some clients are heady. But we always try our best to beat deadlines so our clients know that GabbyMadeIt don’t fail on their dates.


NT– What should the World be expecting from your Label this year? Are you planning any Exhibitions this year or featuring in any?

GMi-  We have more designs coming up and we’re doing our fashion industry night with two other labels in d Industry “Spiz by Shawler“ and“Pin Stinches”.

Kowope House has been the major Headliner. “Watch out for the event!

It’s going to be fun. *Run Way *Music * Comedy *Dance.

NT– WOW! What will you say to the up coming youths who are aspiring to be Fashion designers?

GMi– They should learn the game and be hungry to go the extra mile; there is enough space for everyone. Don’t let anyone despise or discourage you, remain focused and Stay gallant.

NT- Finally what will you say to the World about Kowope.

GMI- Kowope House aka GabbyMadeIt is the best thing out of Africa



Part of Gabby made it Label

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