DIVINE TOUCH HOUSE OF MODA – (FASHION) – An up-coming Fashion Outfit on the rising

DIVINE TOUCH HOUSE OF MODA – (FASHION) – An up-coming Fashion Outfit on the rising


Natasha Pogoson is an up coming Fashion Icon on the rising. She is the Principal of Divine Touch House of Moda – (Fashion) with a very high sense of determination, well focused, sound minded and full of excellence.
She is multi-tasking with the ability to paint and also a make-up artist.

NAIJA TRIP had an interview with this up-coming entrepreneur during a photo shoot of her label.

Natasha Pogoson is from Edo State, the last born of her parent, she grew up in Edo state and is an English graduate with a flare for fashion. She is a lover of creativity and loves to bring out the best in people.

Before going to higher institution she usually comes to Lagos from Edo State to live with her aunt any time she was on holidays. Her aunt happened to have a fashion outfit where she was opportune to be exposed and develop her passion for creative fashion designing. As her passion grew stronger, she enrolled at one of the biggest Fashion Institutions “NIKI AFRICANA FASHION INSTITUTE” after she was through with her studies in the Higher Institution.

Natasha said she draws her inspiration from God and the beauty of the universe, which helps are to bring out the beauty of her designs. She uses suitable materials like Lycra, Lace, French lace, Linen, Polished cotton, Wool and cool fabrics such as Adire which are smooth and makes her clients comfortable.

She makes her wears for all categories of clients and for all occasions, from Evening wears, Wedding gowns, Dinner wears, Office wears and also for children.

Regarding challenges on the job. Natasha laments on erratic supply of electricity, high cost of materials and wrong quality of materials, raising fund for expansion and intellectual theft.

Amazingly Natasha Pogoson has her eyes on the global market. Her clothing lines is on the Jumia online Store as “Divinely Touched” where she currently supplies men’s wears. She takes the opportunity to say a big thank you to Jumia for the opportunity to market her products online which takes a lot of pressures off her because on jumia you don’t have to know the client or the client know you.

In the next five to ten years Natasha says she sees Divine Touch, her brand growing tremendously both locally and internationally regardless of season and trending continuously. Whether it is the casual or corporate wears or for parties and occasions. She said with determination, just like Victoria Secret her brand will be everywhere and her label will also include under wears, this she said with great enthusiasm

We were curious to know what House of MODA stands for as it sounded Greek. She said it means the Home of Fashion. MODA simply means Fashion.

She also noted that she has plans in the future to open a Fashion School to help train upcoming and desirous students, and plans are ongoing to feature her label in Fashion Shows and also to organize her own. “Watch Out for Me” she said.

To her clients, fans and supporters, Natasha expressed that they are the best and she is ready to make them look more awesome, amazing and fantastic since they bring out the creativity in her.

On her final note she encouraged up-coming Entrepreneurs into the Fashion industries to be focused and start from somewhere. Learn your trade well and be focused, don’t give up but move forward no matter the challenges.

Natasha advised that Nigerians should patronize Nigerian made products and we will be amazed to see that Nigerian Producers can produce products that will blow the mind.

She concluded and advised that as a Christian and a lover of Christ Jesus, give God His place in your life, spend time to pray and trust Him,  There is a future for you.

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Come August 2017 something spectacular is about to happen, Selasi Fashion Show Season 3 will be coming up. It’s time to See the imaginary in the Nigerian and African Fashion.  


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    With House of MODA, quality outfit in every sense is assured!

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    June 03, 13:32 Reply

    Beautiful. Natasha Pogoson Keep going Highier. Its your Time.

  3. Etiosa
    October 20, 12:49 Reply

    Congratulations dearie the sky is your starting point

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