Beautifying your space on a low budget

Beautifying your space on a low budget

Most people want to redecorate or just change their spaces but with the economy being what it is presently, a lot of people are afraid of the cost. However, you can still get what you want without necessarily breaking the bank. Here are a few ideas that could transform your wish into reality.

Pictures are a wonderful, inexpensive way to brighten and beautify a space quickly and effectively. You can use pictures of yourself, a loved one, or a place you’ve visited or would love to visit. Put the pictures in identical frames and hang them beautifully on your walls – this will add visual appeal to your home.

Get creative with paint/ patterns
Why paint your walls a solid colour when you can have fun with it? You can paint shapes, smileys, graffiti or murals on your wall. Be bold with colours – use them creatively. You cannot go wrong with a patterned wall either. Painting patterns on a wall brings life, luxury and a bit of sophistication into a room. Opting for wallpapers can be quite expensive so why not try painting a beautiful pattern on an accent wall?




Display musical instruments
If you have a guitar, drum, piano, saxophone or any musical instrument, you can beautifully display it in your home. Buy a stand and place your musical instrument there where everyone can see it.

Hang plates
Decorating with plates is an easy and cheap way to add ambience to a room. You can experiment with China plates, vintage plates and even ceramic plates. Brightly coloured plates make for a fresh wall arrangement. Attach wire hangers and beautifully display your plates in your dining room or kitchen.
Change your light bulbs
The colour of bulbs you use can dramatically change the ambience of your home. Switch things up and use coloured light bulbs for a delightfully easy change.

Show off your books
Old, new, hardcover or paperback; books are an often overlooked design accessory for homes. You can use books to decorate your coffee table, shelf or the staircase in your home or arrange them by colours for an ombre effect.

Wood as a Substitute
Wood comes in handy anytime and it can take any shape. Coupled with the fact that they are very cheap compared to other materials like stone, tiles etc. Wood can be shaped and painted to look like brick, stone, tile, metal… just almost anything.

Faux Tiling
Faux tiling simply means painting a surface to look like tiles. You don’t have to keep tolerating that cold concrete floor in your house or that boring carpet. Apart from using rugs or carpets (some of which can be very expensive), you can faux tile your floor and get beauty and save money.

Beaded chandeliers: Yes, that’s right. Chandeliers are beautiful and usually add luxury and class and are also very good sources of light for any space. They also make a bold Statement and make any room look expensive but you don’t have to break the bank for this. The beaded variety is cheaper and still get the job done- beautify and illuminate.

No matter how well your home is decorated, remember that organization is key to showing off your great designs. Don’t decorate just for the sake of decorating – decorate with something fun that you will enjoy!

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