CAKE PLANET- Creating good memories for your Event –  Ayodele Akinola CEO Cake Planet

CAKE PLANET- Creating good memories for your Event – Ayodele Akinola CEO Cake Planet

Ayodele Akinola is the CEO of CAKE PLANET She is a graduate of geography.

Ayodele Akinola -CEO of CAKE PLANET

According to Ayodele CAKE PLANET  my Mum use to make cakes back in childhood days but i professionally started in 2009. I stared by making Queens cakes which is small in packs and cost just N20 per pack. After looking for A job without much progress I was adviced by a Brother in Church then who is now a Pastor, he told me to look inward regarding what I could do with my hands and I told him I could bake cake. He introduced me to his Sister inlaw who was going for a Training programme in Cake making. it was a Six months training I enrolled.

As a georaphy graduate with a Master in Business Administration. The Name CAKE PLANET was inspired by God and my background as a geography Student

At CAKE PLANET We create good memories for your Event. aside from cakes we also make Small Chops, pastries, Cocktails and in addition to this we provide trainings for intrested clients.

The name of the Training School is CAKE PLANET ACADEMY.
The academy has produced graduates in the pass who are doing exploits in their business Presently there are Students in training with different training schedule to suit you.

Wedding Cake

In regards to our Clients, they are numerous and it depends on the type of cake they want. We have the kiddies cake which is the character kind of cake, we have cakes for adults and cakes for different age bracket.

Over the years one of the things CAKE PLANET does is that we realize that Customer is King and therefore we appreciate our Customers and ensure we deliver as promise and make ensure that Satisfaction is guaranteed. Customers come first. This is one one the key elements that keep us in business.

Ayodele Akinola said my Inspiration is from God first and I don’t take any of my Clients order for granted or lightly.

Birthday Cake

I think outside the box because this is what makes us stand out. I believe in creativity.
I pray about it so I do something different from the regular noms out there.
When I go to deliver I speak words of Blessing over my cakes and testimonies and feedbacks are numerous.


We ask our Clients certain questions Such as what is the gender of the celebrant, and their age bracket from there we know the type of cake to provide.
When a Client tells us they don’t want too much sugar, we tell them the type of cake they can eat and we make it suitable for them and their guests.

We advise our Clients because we are concerned with their health also as we assist in providing them what is best suitable and healthy to eat especially if there is a medical history for special preference of food

Apart from Birthday cakes we do Bridal Showers, Cake for Traditional Weddings, we make Wedding cakes, Baby Shower cakes, we do cakes for Corporate Organizations and anniversaries. What ever the occasion at CAKE PLANET we makes your Event Memorable for Client and also for the guest coming to celebrate and testimonies have being accruing to the fact that we do a wonderful job.

CAKE PLANET Bakery is Top noch as we are health and safety conscious, we care about what our Clients eat and we operate at the Highest level of hygiene, cleaniness and safety standards.

Practicals Training at CAKE PLANET ACADEMY

CAKE PLANET is not restriicted to Lagos State. We have Clients from many parts of the Country. Intrestly Ayo Said one of her passion is travelling, so cake planet with orders from outside Lagos affors her the opportunity to always travel outside Lagos and meet with people as well as See the beautiful landscape and the scenery. Nigeria is Blessed and endowmed with many beautiful tourism sites.

She is always excited when there is an event outside Lagos in Ibadan, Abuja etc.

Regarding how she spends her leisure,

Ayodele Said aside from Travelling and Meeting people She Suffs the internet to acquire more knowledge and information about the industry and new trends that’s obtainable. She said you can’t be in this industry and remain stagnant with past know

CAKE PLANET is Just A Call away

Telephone: 08060011299
Facebook; cakeplanetng
Twitter: @cakeplanetng
Instagram: cakeplanetng


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